STEM majors, if you have ever thought to yourself, “Maybe I should become a teacher,” here’s how to find out! The UTeach Boston program lets you explore teaching with coursework, field experience, and support. As early as your very first semester, our Step 1 course puts you and a partner in a classroom, teaching kids. The UTeach Boston program lets you explore teaching to see if it’s the right path for you. And if teaching is what you want to do, you’ll be happy to know that you can complete both a bachelor of science and teacher certification in four years. Whether you join UTeach as a freshman or later on in your college career, UTeach advisors are there to help you along the way.

How UTeach Boston can benefit you

  • Obtain experience teaching in a public classroom early in your college career.
  • Complete your math or science degree and be certified to teach in four years, if you attend full time.
  • Receive mentoring from master teachers at UMass Boston and mentor teachers in the public schools. Continue to be mentored after graduation.
  • Make a difference: Prepare for the rewarding profession of teaching.

 How does UTeach Boston work?

  • You begin teaching in a public classroom from your first semester. By the time you reach your student teaching semester, you will have taught between fifteen and twenty lessons at the elementary, middle, and high-school levels.
  • You take eight education courses during your four years and graduate not only with a degree in a mathematics or science discipline, but also with a teaching certificate in grades 5-8 or 8-12.
  • Because the UTeach Boston classes have a "cohort" structure, you and your peers who enter at the same time are encouraged to move through the program together, learning from and motivating one another.

UTeach Classes[1]

1.    Step 1 – Inquiry Approaches to STEM Teaching
2.    Step 2 – Inquiry-Based Lesson Design 
3.    Knowing and Learning Mathematics and Science
4.    Classroom Interactions
5.    Functions and Modeling
6.    Perspectives on Science and Mathematics
7.    Research Methods
8.    Project-Based Instruction

Get Help Paying for School

  • After completing each of the first two courses (Step 1 and Step 2), your account will be credited $114 for each class.
  • You may qualify for federal grants, state grants, and merit scholarships.

Help Meet a Critical Need

A serious shortage of mathematics and science teachers exists in Massachusetts and most other states. By teaching mathematics or science, you can help solve this problem.

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