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Lindsay Fallon, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling and School Psychology, College of Education of Human Development


photo of Lindsay  Fallon


PhD, University of Connecticut

Additional Information

Lindsay M. Fallon, PhD, conducts research that broadly targets (a) promoting stakeholders’ treatment integrity of evidence-based behavioral interventions, (b) evaluating factors related to the consistent implementation of schoolwide positive behavioral supports (e.g., barriers, collaboration among staff), and (c) the efficient provision of supports to benefit students’ behavior, particularly culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Her research has involved training educators to be accurate self-reporters of their own treatment integrity data, school-based consultants to offer treatment integrity promotion strategies to other educators, and families to implement structured behavioral supports at home. She is very interested in continuing a line of research related to recommendations for culturally and contextually relevant school-based behavioral supports, particularly related to developing and testing assessment tools to advance this area of research. 

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