1. What is the mission and purpose of the AACC and what is its relationship to the Senate?

    The Senate charges the AACC with the review and evaluation of proposed academic programs, curricula, and courses. AACC evaluations shall weigh the comprehensiveness and coherence of a proposed academic program, curriculum, or course.

    Details of the charges can be referred to the constitution. 
  2. What is the timeline and procedure when course proposals or program changes are submitted? 

  3. Is electronic submission possible or is hard copy needed?

    Each submission must be submitted electronically to the AACC co-Chairs, Laura Hayden and Ray Franke. Each submission should include the One form or Program Change form. Signed One form or Program Change form should be scanned and submitted at each level. 
  4. When do I know my submission has been approved or if changes are needed?

    One of the AACC co-Chairs will notify you the status of your submission. If changes are needed, authors are expected to make the changes in a timely manner so their submission can be forwarded to the next level without any delay.
  5. What information should be included in a syllabus?

    The Graduate Studies has recommended that all syllabi should consist of certain requirements. See attached.

The One Form

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Academic Program Change Approval Form

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