About the Department

The Department of Leadership in Education prepares professionals for leadership roles in schools, college, universities, and other related institutions through three programs:

Higher Education Program

For those who are interested in researching the college or university level: 

Urban Education, Leadership and Policy Studies Program

For those who are interested researching and/or taking leadership roles in K-12 schools: 

These are practice-oriented programs for full-time working professionals with diverse backgrounds and work settings. The programs are highly-regarded in the region for developing educational leaders in K-12 and higher education organizations. Highly dedicated faculty members have developed strong curricula in each program; they are active researchers whose scholarship has attracted national and international attention.

Leadership for change and social justice is a common core element in all three programs. The department is committed to preparing thoughtful and responsive educational leaders who can foster transformation in urban schools and higher education institutions.

The faculty, curriculum, and application processes are described on each program’s website.

Department of Leadership in Education
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