Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies, EdD and PhD

Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies, EdD and PhD (formerly Leadership in Urban Schools)


Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies Mission Statement

The mission of the Urban Education Program is to develop dedicated, critical, and reflective leaders seeking to improve urban education through research and practice. While focusing on urban school issues, Urban Education recognizes the interconnectedness of such issues on a state, national, regional and global scale. Urban Education prepares educational leaders who represent a variety of backgrounds, and support equity and diversity in all its forms, striving to contribute to the public good and a more socially just world. Through the course of their doctoral trajectory and culminating in a dissertation, educational leaders investigate issues of their choice that are relevant to their professional lives as leaders committed to educational change.


Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies Vision Statement

The EdD and PhD in Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies respond to a growing demand to educate highly-trained professionals in K-12 education who, while familiar with the practice of K-12 educational administration, also possess a deep understanding of research methodology and the theoretical foundations underlying K-12 education and leadership practices. Through the course of study toward the EdD or PhD, the Urban Education program at the University of Massachusetts Boston offers a range of knowledge, skills, and experiences to students, enabling them to:

  • engage with multiple sources of information (e.g. media, policy, research, history, and empirical data) and learn multiple research methods and theories within an area of concentration;
  • conduct original research on critical problems in K-12 education that relates to their professional practice and contributes to the ongoing academic conversation in their concentration area and in the fields of urban education and leadership;
  • create new knowledge from research that addresses real world problems, culminating in a dissertation;
  • apply social justice-oriented frameworks and research-based knowledge to real world academic and practical issues facing K-12 education institutions in order to be change agents in education;
  • advance their careers as leaders and successfully compete for employment in a wide variety of national and international school-based, agency, and community roles including higher education faculty, state dept of education personnel, community agency/organization educational leaders, policy analysts, and researchers.


The deadline for admission applications for each of the programs is March 15th. Apply here.


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Tricia Kress, PhD
Program Director
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