Recipients of the Alumni Award

Recipients of the Alumni Award for Dissertation Research, 2006-2010



Johanna Duponte, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “Pedagogical change and institutional transformation: The effects of simultaneous reform in community colleges”

Laura Oliveira, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “Gendered anxiety thresholds: An analysis of reactions to increased female enrollments at three private universities, 1867-1917”

Karen Spaulding, LIUS

Dissertation title: “To stay or leave: Efficacy development in urban first-year teachers and its link to their persistence”



Charleen Brantley, LIUS

Dissertation title: “Fourth-grade writing models in three successful elementary schools in the Boston Public School system”

Stephanie Janey, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “The organizational context for collaboration between academic affairs and student affairs in community colleges”



Sara Baron, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “Employee perspectives of library and information technology mergers: The recursiveness of structure, culture, and agency”

Kimberly Burns, Higher Education

Dissertation title: "Faculty sensemaking and transformative learning: Working to improve community college student learning through the scholarship of teaching and learning"

Bowa Tucker, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “Uncovering the civic dimensions of service-learning in higher education: A multi-case study”



Sandra Blanchette, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “Space and power in the Ivory Tower: Decision making in public higher education”

Rhonda Gabovitch, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “Institutional conditions to improve the educational outcomes of part-time community college students”

JoAnne McCormick, LIUS

Dissertation title: “An exploration of the stories and perspectives of three Latino families in the Dedham Public Schools”

Yonette Semple-Dormer, LIUS

Dissertation title: “The role of self-efficacy and the effects of situated online mentoring in the competence of school-based occupational therapists”

Robin Toof, Higher Education

Dissertation title: “The role of research centers in fulfilling the community engagement missions of public research universities”