Centers and Institutes

girls with test tube

The College of Education and Human Development is home to four centers and institutes dedicated to responding to the needs of communities in Boston and beyond:

  1. Adult Literacy Resource Institute
  2. Center of Science and Mathematics in Context(COSMIC)
  3. Institute for Early Education

Each of these centers and institutes is connected to an academic department within the CEHD and serves as a site for applied research and training.

Our award-winning centers and institutes provide enrichment programs for public school students throughout the state; promote the inclusion of people with disabilities through research and training; support higher education institutions throughout New England; and provide vocational and technical training for adults. 

With financial support from the Ford and Nellie Mae foundations, the National Science Foundation, the City of Boston, our alumni and friends, and other institutions, the centers and institutes are able to further the missions of the College of Education and Human Development and UMass Boston overall through research and direct services.

To learn more about our work strengthening the STEM pipeline, annual regional conferences, or general information on the centers and institutes, click on a tab on the left.