Institute for Learning and Teaching

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The Institute for Learning and Teaching (ILT) is a unit of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Massachusetts Boston. ILT specializes in university, school, and community-based collaborations, with a particular emphasis on urban education and multicultural concerns. Its primary purpose is to conduct professional development programs statewide to focus upon whole school improvement initiatives through partnerships with individual schools. The Institute also conducts staff and program development activities for adult learning and literacy centers. The Institute conducts direct-service programs for urban students as well as offers activities for UMass Boston students enrolled in CEHD programs.

ILT was founded in 1970 as an expression of the university’s commitment to the public service mission of an explicitly urban campus. With the financial support of the Ford Foundation and under the leadership of a respected educator, Gregory Anrig, the Institute was created to focus on an in-service education and to foster innovative approaches to educational change.

A unique and important feature of the Institute has been the collaborative model that underpins its programs. The Institute’s approach emphasizes educational improvement through strong collaborations forged between academicians and practitioners. A real measure of the success of these collaborations is in the long-term impact of this work, when specific grant-funded programs end. The Institute has a well-established reputation for this type of success.

Annually, ILT programs reach more than 10,000 teachers, administrators, parents, and students in more than 40 Massachusetts school systems and nearly 100 community-based organizations. Major ILT program areas include reading and writing; science and mathematics; bilingual and gifted and talented education; parent outreach; adult learning and literacy, including English language learning; family literacy; school-to-career transition; dropout prevention, whole school reform, and website outreach.

ILT programs have been offered in many cities and towns throughout the state, with substantial involvement in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Quincy, Salem, Lawrence, Lowell, Fall River, and New Bedford. The Institute has a successful track record in fund raising, regularly securing over 1.7 million per year in grants from national and regional, public and private funding sources, including corporations, businesses, foundations and from federal and state governments.

Current supporters of ILT programs are the following: Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, SABES, Mayor’s Office of Jobs and Community Services, Fannie Mae Foundation, Federal Government, Massachusetts Public Schools, Boston Public School's Superintendent’s Office, BPS Department of Bilingual Education, Chapter 636, Massachusetts Department of Education, School to Career, National Writing Project, Massachusetts state funds, private donations.

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