Student Research

Students interested in doing research, especially those who will be collecting their own data and in cases where the student is the primary researcher—technically called the principal investigator—should discuss obtaining approval from the university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) with their advisor prior to conducting their research. The IRB facilitates federally-mandated training for researchers, regardless of whether they are students, staff, or faculty. All research projects and studies must be approved by the IRB.

As of spring 2008, the IRB conducts workshops for CEHD students and faculty several times a year. These are usually publicized on our website under Announcements. Faculty are also encouraged to invite their classes.

To find out more about the process for applying for approval, please visit the Institutional Review Board (IRB)'s website

Research from our students

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Creating Parent-Teacher-Student Workshops to Empower Students’ Independent Learning

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