MTEL policy change

This policy took effect in spring 2005.  We strictly enforce this policy.

For many years, we have required passing scores on all requisite MTEL examinations before entering the Practicum semester of our teacher education programs.  

Because of previous problems in field placement for the practicum and because of policy changes in Boston Public Schools’ which will require that all teachers pass their MTELs (waivers may only be requested for individuals by the superintendent), we will no longer grant waivers for students who have not passed their MTELs. To enter the Practicum semester of our Teacher Education Programs, you must have successfully passed the Communication and Literacy MTEL and your requisite MTEL Subject Tests. For early childhood, elementary, special education, and TVI students, you must also pass the Foundations of Reading MTEL. Until you provide a copy of your passing MTEL scores for these exams to your advisor, you will be blocked by the University Registrar from registering for these courses. 

For those students who have difficulty in passing: Communication and Literacy, General Curriculum: Multi-subject, General Curriculum: Math, or Foundations of Reading, we offer workshops on these examinations.  Our workshops are offered on Saturdays and have been highly effective in assisting students with passing.  For more information, please contact the Student Services office at 617-287-7625 or

For those students having difficulty passing the content examination, you should meet with one of our advisors in the Curriculum and Instruction department to review possible courses that you might take in the various departments to help acquire the requisite knowledge needed to pass the examination.

To enable you to become a successful licensed teacher and have the knowledge required by the state and by various districts, we must adhere to our long-standing advising policies and strictly enforce them.