All majors take 10 courses within Africana Studies, though some courses may be taken outside the department, drawn from an approved list of related courses in other disciplines. At least three (3) of the courses must be at the 300 level or above. AfrSty 111 (African-American History II) is required for all majors.

Each student majoring in Africana studies chooses one of the following areas of specialization within the major: history, humanities, or social sciences.

Students must take at least five (5) of their 10 major courses in their area of specialization, and at least one (1) of their major courses in each of the other two areas.


Students minoring in Africana Studies take six courses including AfrSty 110 (African-American History I) and AfrSty 111 (African-American History II). Student also take four Africana Studies courses above the 100 level; two of these must be above the 200 level.