Scholarships and Awards

American Studies Book Award (Given to both a graduate student and undergraduate)

Each year the American Studies Department chooses a student with a strong academic record in the program to receive the American Studies Book Award, which is presented at the university’s annual Honors Convocation.

American Studies Founder’s Prize (Given to undergraduate student only)

The American Studies Founder’s Award is given to a graduating senior in American Studies who has done outstanding work in his/her American Studies major, as attested to by two or more faculty who teach regularly in the program. Recipients must have an excellent academic record in the major and meet one of the following requirements: 1) submission of two short papers, or one substantial research paper, that demonstrate competence with two of the program’s required modes of analysis (historical, literary, ethnographic, media); or 2) submission of a paper that explores the applicability of American Studies theory, knowledge, or modes of analysis to a practical setting, such as an internship, tutoring or teaching, community service, social action, or political action.