Faculty Publications

La Transformación del Paisaje Puertorriqueño y la Disciplina del Cuerpo Civil de Conservación 1933-1942 (The Transformation of Puerto Rican Landscape and the Discipline of the Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942

Manuel Valdés-Pizzini, Michael González Cruz, and José E. Martínez-Reyes

Published in 2011
Contemporary Archaeology in Theory: The New Pragmatism.  Second edition.

Robert W. Preucel and Stephen A. Mrozowski, editors.

Published in 2010

Collaborating at the Trowel’s Edge: Teaching and Learning in Indigenous Archaeology

Stephen W. Silliman (editor)

Published in 2008

The Archaeology of Class in Urban America

Stephen A. Mrozowski

Published in 2006

Historical Archaeology

Martin Hall and Stephen W. Silliman (editors)

Published in 2006


From Household to Empire: Society and Economy in Early Colonial New Mexico

Heather Trigg

Published in 2005

Cultural Politics in Colonial Tehuantepec: Community and State among the Isthmus Zapotec, 1500-1750

Judith Francis Zeitlin

Published in 2005
Lines That Divide: Historical Archaeologies of Race, Class, and Gender

James A. Delle, Stephen A. Mrozowski, and Robert Paynter (editors)

Published in 2000

Living on the Boott: Historical Archaeology at the Boott Mills Boardinghouses, Lowell, Massachusetts

Stephen A. Mrozowski, Grace H. Ziesing, and Mary C. Beaudry

Published in 1996