Four required courses
ANTH 625 3 cr “Historical Archaeology”
ANTH 640 3 cr “Archaeological Methods and Analysis”
ANTH 665 3 cr “Graduate Seminar in Archaeology”
HIST  685 3 cr “Topics in Atlantic History”

Four elective courses from list below, chosen in consultation with advisor
ANTH 615 3 cr “Public Archaeology”
ANTH 630 3 cr “Seminar in the Prehistory of the Americas” (may be repeated for credit)
ANTH 645 3 cr “Topics in Environmental Archaeology”
ANTH 650 5 cr “Materials in Ancient Societies” (CMRAE course at MIT)
ANTH 670 3 cr “Research Methods in Historical Anthropology”
ANTH 672 3 cr “Culture Contact and Colonialism in the Americas”
ANTH 673 3 cr "Anthropology of the Object: A Graduate Socio-Cultural Odyssey"
ANTH 675L 3 cr “Cultural Theory in Anthropology”
ANTH 676 3 cr "Anthropology of Nature, Place, and Landscape"
ANTH 696 1-4 cr “Individual Research in Archaeology” (by permission)
ANTH 698 1-6 cr “Practicum in Archaeology” (by permission)
AMST 604 3 cr “Gender and Sexuality in US History and Culture”
AMST 605 3 cr “Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality”
HIST  600 3 cr “Research Seminar”
HIST   605 3 cr “Colloquium”
HIST   646 3 cr “The New England Town”

Archaeological fieldwork requirement
ANTH 685 6 cr “Field Research in Archaeology”

All M.A. students are expected to receive intensive, graduate-level archaeological fieldwork training before completing their thesis. Most students fulfill this requirement by enrolling in Anth 685, a 6-credit graduate summer field school. Substitutions are made only by formal petition to the Graduate Committee, and if the waiver is approved, these 6 credits have to be fulfilled through regular or individual-based coursework.

Thesis requirements
ANTH 699 6 cr “Master of Arts Thesis”

Consult the Graduate Handbook for more information about the thesis process.