Anthropology, BA

Major in Anthropology

The first step in becoming an anthropology major is to enroll in Anthropology 105, 106, or 107. These courses provide an overview of the various subfields of anthropology, and all majors are required to take all three courses, although the order in which they are taken is up to the student. One of these courses, and in some cases all three, are prerequisites to nearly all upper level anthropology courses.

If you are strongly interested in anthropology and decide that you would like to major, you should speak to one or more faculty members and come to the department office where the department administrative assistant will help you fill out forms, sign your Declaration of Major form for the Registrar's Office, and assign you a faculty advisor according to your interests. Once an advisor has been assigned, you should set up an appointment to meet with her/him for an initial discussion of your interests and development of a tentative program.