Anthropology Major | Anthropology Minor

Anthropology Major Requirements

1) Subfield introductory courses (3 courses required)

Anth 105 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Anth 106 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
Anth 107 Introduction to Archaeology

2) Sociocultural theory (1 course required).

Anth 345 Sociocultural Theory in Anthropology

3) Area studies (1 course required). Students may choose from:

Anth 232  The Viking World 

Anth 270L Native Peoples of North America
Anth 271 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
Anth 272 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Anth 273 Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica
Anth 274 Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
Anth 275L Peoples and Cultures of China
Anth 334 Ancient North America
Anth 336L Ancient Mesoamerica: The Aztecs and their Predecessors
Anth 338L Ancient Peru: The Incas and their Predecessors
Anth 374  Culture and Politics of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

Anth 376 Native Peoples of New England: Contemporary Issues
Anth 476L Native Americans: Contemporary Issues

4). Methodology (1 course required). Students may choose from:

Anth 277 US Immigration: Contemporary Issues and Debates
Anth 316 Nutrition, Growth, and Behavior
Anth 317 Human Epidemiology
Anth 340 Historical Archaeology
Anth 341 Archaeological Method and Theory   
Anth 348 Ethnographic Inquiry: Introduction to Qualitative Field Research
Anth 352 Applied Social Anthropology
Anth 353 Urban Anthropology
Anth 412 Issues in Biological Anthropology
Anth 413 Forensic Anthropology
Anth 432 Archaeological Science

5). Comparative analysis (1 course required). Students may choose from:

Anth 211 Human Origins
Anth 230 Archaeology Myth and Mystery

Anth 238 Exploring Empires and Imperialism
Anth 247 Ancient Cities and States
Anth 260 Watching Film/Seeing Culture
Anth 262 Dreams, Dreaming, and Culture   
Anth 263 Environmental Anthropology
Anth 264 Shamanisms

Anth 269L  Anthropology of the Object
Anth 278LIntroduction to Indigenous Studies
Anth 295L Introduction to Human Rights
Anth 301L Childhood in America
Anth 310 Primate Behavior
Anth 312 Human Variation
Anth 313 Developmental Models in Human Evolution
Anth 324 A Biocultural Approach to Warfare
Anth 330 Archaeology of Colonialism in North America
Anth 343L African Diaspora Archaeology

Anth 346 Culture, Globalization, and the Environment
Anth 349 Anthropology of Development
Anth 357 Culture, Disease, and Healing
Anth 358 Comparative Health Care Systems
Anth 359 Economic Anthropology
Anth 360 Gender, Culture, and Power
Anth 364 Anthropology of Adolescence: Biocultural Interactions
Anth 366 Anthropology of Religion
Anth 367 Social and Cultural Perspectives on Witchcraft and Healing
Anth 368 Myth in Cultural Context
Anth 372 Anthropology of Death
Anth 385 Language and Culture

6) Proseminar (1 course required).

Anth 425 Contemporary Issues in Anthropology

7) Additional courses for the Major (3 courses required).

To complete their majors, students may choose any three additional courses from the lists above as well as from the Department’s special topics offerings, Anth Z280 and Anth 480. At least one of these courses must be at the 300-level or above, if the student has not already completed three such advanced departmental courses.

Only one of these three additional required courses can be drawn from the courses listed below to meet the eleven-course minimum, but Anthropology majors are encouraged to take these or other courses beyond the minimum requirements as appropriate to their interests. Students are reminded that only one Intermediate Seminar may be taken for credit at UMass Boston.

Anth 220/221/222/223/224/227 Intermediate Seminars
Anth 444 Cooperative Education for Anthropology Majors
Anth 477 LLOP Seminar
Anth 478/479 Directed Study
Anth 483-486 Field Research courses
Anth 488 Internship
Anth 490/491 Independent Research (Honors)



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Minor Requirements

Students wishing to minor in Anthropology must take a minimum of six courses: two of the three introductory courses (Anth 105, 106, 107), and four other courses in Anthropology. Only one of these courses may be a Directed Study or Internship or Cooperative Education course and a minimum of two of these courses must be at the 300-level or above. No Pass/Fail courses may be counted. At least four of the six courses must be taken at UMass Boston. Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the program for successful completion.