Required of all majors (11 courses)

Anth 106. Introduction to cultural anthropology
Anth 107. Introduction to archaeology
Anth 240. Historical archaeology
Anth 341. Archaeological method and theory
Anth 345. Sociocultural theory
Anth 425. Contemporary Issues in Anthropology (capstone)

Hist 211. Foundations of Western Civilization
Hist 212/214. Modern Western Civilization/ Modern World History II
Hist 265. American history before 1877
Hist 266. American history since 1877
Hist 480/481. Research & Methods: Seminar in European/American history

Elective courses:
choose one from each of the groups below (3 courses). At least one of these electives must be at the 300-level.

a. One course in the historical development of US and European society. Choose from:

Hist 300. Ancient civilization to 600 BC
Hist 301. Greek history
Hist 302. Roman history
Hist 303. Classical archaeology
Hist 304. The Dark Ages
Hist 305. High and Later Middle Ages
Hist 306. Roman archaeology
Hist 309. The medieval mind
Hist 311. Europe in the Age of the Enlightenment
Hist 313. 19 th c. Europe
Hist 315. Europe 1900-1945
Hist 320. Tudor-Stuart England
Hist 321. England in the Age of Revolution
Hist 323. Russia before 1861
Hist 324. Russia since 1861
Hist 328. Germany to 1815
Hist 329. Germany, 1815-1945
Hist 330. The French Revolution
Hist 331. France since 1789
Hist 334. Italy since 1815
Hist 335. Spain to 1713
Hist 339. Modern Irish history from 1800 to the present
Hist 370. Colonial America to 1763
Hist 371. American Revolution
Hist 372. The Early Republic
Hist 373. American slavery
Hist 375. US Civil War and Reconstruction
Hist 376. American Urban History
Hist 377. The Old South
Hist 379. The United States, 1900 to 1945.
Hist 395. The History of Boston

Anth 252 Urban anthropology
Anth 301L Childhood in America

b. One course in the history or prehistory of non-European/Euroamerican societies. Choose from:

Hist 150. The Middle East, 570 to 1517
Hist 151. Middle East since 1517
Hist 152. Intro to African History
Hist 153. Africa in the 20 th c
Hist 155L. Latin America before 1800
Hist 156L. Latin America since 1800
Hist 160L. East Asian Civilizations to 1850
Hist L161. E. Asian civilizations since 1850
Hist 352. Topics in African History
Hist 360L. Traditional China
Hist 361L. The History of Modern China
Hist 362L. Traditional Japan
Hist 364. India since 1857
Hist 365. The Middle East 1798-1914
Hist 368. The Middle East since 1914
Hist 368. Slavery in Africa

Anth 222G. Aztecs and Spaniards
Anth 223G. Fall of the Maya
Anth 334. Ancient North America
Anth 336L. Ancient Mesoamerica
Anth 338L. Ancient Peru

c. One course in the study of contemporary societies outside the European tradition

Anth 220G. Amazonian cultures
Anth 270L. Native peoples of North America
Anth 271. Peoples and cultures of the Middle East
Anth 272. Peoples and cultures of Africa
Anth 273. Peoples and cultures of Mesoamerica
Anth 274. Peoples and cultures of the Caribbean
Anth 275L Peoples and Cultures of China
Anth 250. Hunter-gatherer cultures
Anth 476L Current issues in Native America

Hist 359L. Women in Modern China
Hist 363L. Modern Japan
Hist 367. Modern South Africa

Note: Other 200G level courses in History or Anthropology may count toward fulfilling the three electives, but these General Education Intermediate Seminars must be approved in advance by the student’s advisor. Only one Intermediate Seminar may be taken for credit during a student’s career at UMass Boston.