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Applied Linguistics, MA (Online and On-Campus)

Our program includes concentrations in bilingual education, ESL instruction for English language learners (ELLs), and foreign language pedagogy, which includes English as a Foreign Language. On campus we also offer a Latin track in collaboration with the Department of Classics. This degree offers teachers a chance to combine further study of Latin with coursework in theories of language acquisition.

Courses are offered in basic theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, and interdisciplinary areas of psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics. These courses provide students with a thorough understanding of the linguistic, cultural and ideological considerations that govern language acquisition and use. The program is thus designed to enable students to understand the diversity of issues inherent in the study of language so that they are well prepared to teach and do research in applied linguistics.

Students have the opportunity to conduct research, work with community based organizations or prepare to teach in various contexts, such as public schools, K-12, adult education, and language schools in the United States and abroad. Our campus program offers three types of graduate assistantships: teaching, research, and administrative.

Nearly 25% of our students come from outside the United States, contributing to a learning environment with linguistic and cultural diversity that enriches the department’s intellectual and social life. Our students also represent a variety of American minority groups.
Prospective students need not have teaching experience to be considered for acceptance into the program.

We also offer an MA degree online option that combines our faculty’s expertise and our long tradition of excellence in applied linguistics studies with new technologies for online delivery and eLearning. This program of studies allows students to complete a fully accredited 30-credit master's degree in two years (four semesters and summer courses) completely online and from anywhere in the world! 

Many of our students go on to pursue doctoral work in such fields as linguistics, education, and literacy studies. Prospective students need not have teaching experience to be considered for acceptance into the program.

Please note that for our Online MA in Applied Linguistics is not currently accepting students for online study who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, or Minnesota, due to regulations in those states. Please contact your state's Board of Education for details.