Art, BA

The UMass Boston Art Department offers a general major in art leading to a BA. The faculty of the Art Department includes both scholars and professional artists, and the curriculum aims to combine their differing approaches to visual experience. The creative/studio curriculum provides a sound basis in creative process, in visual thinking, and in certain technical skills. Courses in art history explore the aesthetic attributes of art objects contextualized in history, culture, and religion. Students may elect to focus their studies in art history, or in studio, or they may chose to balance the two.

The Art Department offers courses from the 100-level to the 400-level. One hundred level courses are introductory courses that provide a broad overview of the topic. Two hundred level courses narrow the focus to a specific medium in studio art or topic in art history, but remain introductory and without prerequisites. Three hundred and four hundred level courses are advanced courses requiring previous work in the topic or medium. A major in art takes students from introductory work to the advanced levels as they gain experience and knowledge. All art majors take a capstone course in the last year of their coursework. Many courses in studio art and art history satisfy General Education requirements. Additionally, the Art Department offers opportunities for internships and fieldwork, independent study when primary coursework in regular departmental course offerings are exhausted, and a two-semester course sequence for writing an honors thesis.