Cross-Cultural East Asian Studies (Minor)

The minor in cross-cultural East Asian studies is designed for students wishing to develop a broad, multi-disciplinary understanding of the cultures of East Asia (China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan.)

Students interested in this minor must complete a “Declaration of Major/Minor” form, which can be obtained at the One Stop or from the Asian Studies office (Wheatley, 6-037). For more information, students should consult with a faculty member in their area of interest.

The minor has a seven-course minimum. Only one of those seven can be doubled counted towards another major or minor. Only one of the minimum seven courses may be taken pass-fail. Students must maintain a 2.0 average in the minor.


*Completion of two semesters of study in a single East Asian language can count as one of the six elective courses required in this minor.

Requirements for students wanting to count language courses toward this cross-cultural minor will be: