About the Department

The Classics and Religious Studies Department offers undergraduate programs in classical studies and classical languages, as well as several graduate degrees designed to prepare Latin teachers for secondary school teaching in Massachusetts.

Undergraduate students majoring in classical studies examine the civilizations of Greece and Rome through a program based mainly on works read in English translation. Courses in classical studies (designated CLSICS 281, etc.) require no knowledge of Greek or Latin.

The undergraduate major in classical languages entails coursework in the original languages of Greek or Latin (designated GREEK 211, LATIN 101, etc.) This program leads to advanced study of the great literary, historical, and philosophical works of antiquity.

An undergraduate program leads to initial licensure, and graduate tracks for Latin and classical humanities in the MEd are overseen by the College of Education and Human Development. In addition, we have a Latin track in the MA in Applied Linguistics with special focus on linguistics and language acquisition.

The department will also be offering workshops for teachers on topics such as Latin pedagogy, conversational Latin, and the advanced placement (AP) tests.

The Classics and Religious Studies Department also offers minors in classical studies, classical languages, and in religious studies.