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Latin and Classical Humanities, MA

Graduate Program Tracks
Special Features of our Program

Our innovative approaches to teaching Latin put the department at UMass Boston in the vanguard of Latin teacher training.  We are pleased to offer three tracks within the Masters in Latin and Classical Humanities. (For specific requirements click on “Requirements” on the left-hand bar.)

Special features of our programs

Innovative active Latin pedagogy.  Our instruction frequently incorporates the use of active Latin—speaking and writing, in addition to listening and reading—with the goal of producing Latinists who have a deep and broad understanding of the language.  These skills are crucial for high school language classrooms.

Accessibility and affordability.  Summer, evening and online courses make the program accessible for in-service teachers.  As the only public university in the Boston area, UMass Boston is considerably less expensive than neighboring private institutions.  Fall 2017/Spring 2018 tuition and fees.

** Note that teaching assistantships are awarded to many of our full-time graduate students. 

Post-Graduation Successes.  100% of our Licensure Track and Applied Linguistics Track graduates are employed as Latin teachers.  Our Greek/Latin track students have gone on to PhD programs in Classics and English, or to jobs in other fields, including the Boston-area IT world.

National and international reputation.  Most of our part-time graduate students teach Latin at schools within driving distance of our campus, but full-time students come from across the country.  The Conventiculum Bostoniense attracts Latin speakers from around the globe.

Prize-Winning Faculty.  Learn how to teach from master teachers. Prof. Jacqueline Carlon, the Graduate Program Director, won the 2017 Society for Classical Studies Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Collegiate Level. Her course on “Methods of Teaching the Latin Language” is a mainstay of the program.  Prof. Kenneth Rothwell, who regularly teaches Greek language and literature, won the 2017 UMass Boston Award for Excellence in Teaching.  

For further information, please contact Prof. Jacqueline Carlon (jacqueline.carlon@umb.edu) or Prof. Peter Barrios-Lech (peter.lech@umb.edu)

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