Latin and Classical Humanities, MEd

The M.Ed. with professional licensure in Latin and Classical Humanities is designed for those who already hold an initial teaching license and wish to earn both a professional license and a Masters degree. Students apply to the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) for Track C of the M.Ed. Coursework is divided among the fields of education, language pedagogy, and Latin literature.


1. Pedagogy Core: Four required courses

EDC G 630 – Inclusion K-12
EDC G 643 – Behavior and Classroom Management
EDC G 663 – Assessment in Teaching
CRCRTH 670 – Thinking, Learning and Computers

2. Content Core: Four Latin courses at the 600-level

These courses will be chosen by the student in consultation with his/her disciplinary advisor, to assure that they represent a coherent specialization.

3. Capstone Content: Two courses

A.  Latin 615: Methods of Teaching Latin
B. Select ONE of the following:

      APLING 605: Theories and Principles of Language Teaching
      APLING 611: Methods and Materials in Foreign Language Education
      APLING 625: Second Language Acquisition
      APLING 629: The Structure of the English Language

4. Capstone Pedagogy: Two courses

A. Select ONE of the following:

      EDC G 690: Teacher Research for Professional Licensure
      EDC G 696: Independent Study
      EDC G 697: Special Topics in Education

B. EDC G 698 – Clinical Experience