I. Pedagogy Core: Four required courses:

EDC G 630 – Inclusion K-12
EDC G 643 – Behavior and Classroom Management
EDC G 663 – Assessment in Teaching
CRCRTH 670 – Thinking, Learning and Computers

II. Content Core: Four Latin courses at the 600-level
These courses will be chosen by the student in consultation with his/her disciplinary advisor, to assure that they represent a coherent specialization. 

III. Capstone Content and Pedagogy Core: Four courses
Capstone Content: Two courses
1.  Latin 615: Methods of Teaching Latin
2. Select one of the following:
      APLING 605: Theories and Principles of Language Teaching
      APLING 611: Methods and Materials in Foreign Language Education
      APLING 625: Second Language Acquisition
      APLING 629: The Structure of the English Language

Capstone Pedagogy: Two courses
 1. Select one of the following:

      EDC G 690: Teacher Research for Professional Licensure
      EDC G 696: Independent Study
      EDC G 697: Special Topics in Education

2. EDC G 698 – Clinical Experience