Classical Studies, BA

UMass Boston offers a major and minor in classical studies, surveying the societies of Greece and Rome, supplemented by basic competency in Ancient Greek and/or Latin. See the course listings and requirements for more information.

Prerequisite, Concentration, or Other Requirements

UMass Boston's classical studies major can be fulfilled with ten courses.

  1. Two semesters of Latin or two semesters of Greek at a level appropriate to the student’s preparation.
  2.  At least seven Classical Studies courses. Courses in Greek or Latin beyond those required in part I may be substituted for up to two of the required Classical Studies courses. With departmental approval, one of these courses may be from an allied department.
  3. Either Classics 387 or Classics 388; the research paper from either of these courses may serve as capstone paper.
  4. At least four courses taken to fulfill parts 1 & 2 must be at or above the 300 level.
  5. At least five classical studies courses must be taken in residency at UMass Boston. Both language courses counted toward part I must be taken in residency. With prior departmental permission, courses taken in some semester-abroad programs may count toward the residency requirement.

General Notes