Religious Studies (Minor)

The interdisciplinary religious studies minor entails coursework concerning theories and methods in the study of religion as well as courses focused on a variety of traditions in their global and local contexts.

Prerequisite, Concentration, or Other Requirements

  1. The minor in religious studies consists of six courses.
  2. All students must take at least one course that considers critical methods in the study of religion, to be determined in consultation with a religious studies faculty advisor.
  3. At least two courses must be at the 300-400 level; no more than two may be at the 100 level.
  4. With departmental approval, two of the six courses may be from an allied department.
  5. At least four of the courses taken for the minor must be taken in residency at UMass Boston.
  6. Only one course may be taken pass/fail. Only one course may be double-counted with another major or minor.


Religious Studies Courses

RELSTY  104 – Socrates, Jesus, Buddha
RELSTY 109 – Symbol, Myth and Ritual: Cultural Studies in Religion
RELSTY 122 -– Introduction to Critical Studies in Religion
RELSTY  204G – Buddha, Jesus, and Plato
RELSTY  232L/ASIAN 232L – Asian Religions
RELSTY 241 – Myth, History, and Prophecy: Old Testament
RELSTY 242 – New Testament, Judaism, and Hellenistic Religion
RELSTY 245 – The History of Christianity
RELSTY 264 – Contemporary Religious Thought
RELSTY 273 – Problems in Religion and Ethics
RELSTY  274L/WOST 274L – Women and Religion in Global Perspective
RELSTY 280 – Special Topics
RELSTY  356L/WOST 356L – Feminist Theology and Spirituality 
RELSTY  358L/ASIAN 358L – Psychology, Politics, and Philosophy in East Asia
RELSTY  370 – Religion and Law 
RELSTY  376L/POLSCI 376L – Religion and International Relations
RELSTY 478 – Independent Study
RELSTY 479 – Independent Study

Courses from Allied Departments

ANTH  223G – Afro-Caribbean Religions
ANTH  366 – The Anthropology of Religion
CLSICS 294 – Magic & Science
CLSICS 271 – Paganism and Christianity
CLSICS 385 – Greek and Roman Religion
HIST 248 – Early Islamic History
HIST 250 – Women in Islam
HIST 413 – Saints, Witches and Heretics
HIST 456 – Faith and Politics in Islam
MDNLNG 225L – Pacting with the Devil: The Faust Tradition
PHIL 206G – The Idea of God
PSYCH 436 – Religion, Spirituality and Health
SOCIOL 268 – Religion in Contemporary Society
WOST  345 – Gender, Religion and Politics in South Asia