Communication Minor

The Communication Department offers a six-course minor. Students must complete COMM 100 and COMM 200 before declaring the minor. They must then take two courses from the list of communication electives, and two courses from the list of outside electives. At least two of these courses must be at the 300 level or higher. 

  Communication Electives (Take 2)
COMM 210 Using Internet Communication
COMM 220 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 240 Organizational Communication
COMM 250 Analyzing Media
COMM 260 Psychological Effects of Mass Media
COMM 270 Campaign Design and Analysis
COMM 280 Special Topics
COMM 300 Information Technology and Human Communication
COMM 305 Communication in Diverse Organizations
COMM 320 Social Influence and Compliance-Gaining
COMM 325  Relational Communication
COMM 330 Health Communication
COMM 340 Communication and Community Mobilization
COMM 350 Political Communication
COMM 360 International Media Systems
COMM 365 News Media and Political Power


  Outside Electives (Take 2)
AMST 215 America on Film
AMST 235 The Social History of Popular Music
AMST 310 Television in American Life
AMST 335 Music and Politics
AMST L349 / HIST L349 Cold War: Rise and Fall
AMST 355 Black Popular Culture
AMST 375 Best Sellers in American Society
AMST 410  Cultural History of U.S. History
ENGL 203 Writing Craft/Context/Design
ENGL 216 Reading and Writing Journalism
ENGL 306 Advanced Non-Fiction Writing
ENGL 307 Writing for Print and Online Media
ENGL 309 Mutlimedia Authoring
ENGL 310 Literature and Journalism
ENGL 312 Digital Culture and Composition 
ENGL 340 Literature and Visual Media
ENGL L341/WOST L341 Women's Image in Film
ENGL 341L Gender and Film: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
ENGL 348 Native American Literature
PCSCOR 350 Media and Society
POLSCI 365 The Politics of Communication
PSY 307 Psychology of Communication
PSY 330 Social Psychology
PSY 333 Group Dynamics
PSY 335 Social Attitudes and Public Opinion
PSY 337 Communication and Society
SOCIOL 300 The Sociology of Media and Mass Communication
SOCIOL 375L Indian Cinema
WGS 220 Women and the Media