College of Liberal Arts, Dean's Office
Wheatley Bldg., 2nd Floor, Suite 10 (First Office door on your left, directly off of the cat-walk)
Phone: 617-287-6500
Fax:       617-287-6511

Dr. Stephanie Hartwell
Associate Dean

Dr. Pratima Prasad
Associate Dean

Kim Ho
Assistant Dean

Shanna O'Berry
Assistant Dean 

Diann Simmons
Assistant Dean

Eddie Sze
Business Manager

Kelly Ahearn
Assistant to the Dean

Thomas Cosgrove
Administrative Assistant

Claire Brigandi

CLA Initiatives for Students Office
CLA Majors Advising / CLA First!
Wheatley Bldg., 2nd Floor, Suite 4 (First Office door on your right, directly off of the cat-walk; across from CLA Dean's Office)
Phone: 617-287-5721

CLA Majors Advising

Ana Frega
Director of Major Advising

Patricia Drew
Academic Advisor

Christina Hale
Academic Advisor

Benjamin McNamee
Academic Advisor

Rachel Puopolo
Academic Advisor

CLA First!

Joyce Morgan
Director of CLA First!

Stephanie Fernandez
Academic Advisor