BA/MA Option

BA/MA Program
Five-year Accelerated BA/MA Program in Applied Economics

Eligible UMass Boston undergraduate students interested in applied economics may enter the accelerated 5-year BA and MA program. If accepted, students can earn a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in applied economics in less time than it would take to earn these degrees separately. Students are accepted into the master’s degree program in their junior year, start taking graduate courses in their senior year and complete the requirements in their fifth year. Once completing all requirements, students are awarded both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students who do not complete the entire program with required GPA may choose to apply appropriate credits toward the Bachelor’s degree. The BA/MA program consists of 142 credits (110 undergraduate and 32 graduate level credits or their equivalents), which can be completed in five years. Students may choose to carry less than a full course load and complete the program at a slower rate upon consultation and approval by the graduate program director.


Students should apply to this program when they have completed:

Applicants must have completed 30 credits and four economics courses in residence at UMass Boston.

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA (grade point average). Conditional admission may be granted to students with a lower GPA upon the recommendation of the graduate program director.

Admission Requirements:

Students applying for the BA/MA in Applied Economics must:

NOTE: Student applying for the BA/MA program do not have to submit GRE scores.

Download a one-page admissions application checklist.

Students considering this program will need to complete all other UMass Boston undergraduate degree requirements within the 110 undergraduate credits (e.g., First Year and Intermediate Seminars, Quantitative Reasoning, Distribution Requirements, Diversity Requirements, and Writing Requirements).

UMass Boston students interested in applying for the BA/MA should contact the Graduate Program Director, Randy Albelda.