Completing a Minor in Economics

Required Courses

The minor in economics consists of six courses in the department. These six courses must include:

Econ 101- Introduction to Microeconomics, and
Econ 102- Introduction to Macroeconomics

Two courses at the 300 or 400 level and any two other economics courses at the 200 level or above.  No substitution of non-economics courses will be accepted towards the requirements for the minor, except as described below.

Note: There are mathematical requirements for Econ 101 and 102.

Minor Credit for Non-Economics and Transfer Courses

Economics courses taken at other institutions of higher education may be counted towards the requirements for the economics minor, up to a maximum of two such courses.                      

One of the following courses at UMass Boston: MSIS 111, Math 125 or Psych 270, may also be counted towards the economics minor (and will be considered a substitute for Econ 205).  These non-economics courses will be considered as one of the two allowable transfer courses for the minor.

For more information on requirements for the Economics major or minor, see BASIC INFO SHEET

To declare a minor in economics, stop by the department office (Wheatley, fifth floor, room 082) to get the form required by the Registrar.

Mathematical Prerequisites

Math 115 (College Algebra) or
Math Q114 (Quantitative Reasoning) or
equivalent math level, or placement into Math 129 or 130 (score of 59% on ALEKS math placement test).