University of Massachusetts Department of English

English Department

Welcome to the English Department at UMass Boston! We offer a wide range of degree programs to both undergraduate and graduate students including a BA in English, BA concentrations in Creative Writing and Professional and New Media Writing, a MA degree in English, and an MFA in Creative Writing. 

Our undergraduate English majors are encouraged to participate in numerous special opportunities ranging from creative writing contests to reading groups to a one-credit "Careers in English" course.  Our graduate programs feature teaching assistantships, community outreach programming, and one-on-one work with professors on final projects and theses.

Our English programs are built on the assumption that creativity is essential to the human condition, and that we must understand the imaginative works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, film, graphic literature, and new media writing that our culture creates. In our courses, while you have fun engaging with these imaginative works, you learn essential skills of reading, writing, creativity, interpretation, and critical thinking—skills that are in high demand in all careers.