English, MA

Our English MA Graduate Program's highlights include:

Our English MA Graduate Program's goals include:

Our MA graduate program in English encompasses both traditional approaches to English studies and reexaminations of those approaches. We offer a flexible program of study with three areas of concentration: literature, composition, and creative writing. Students often create an integrated program of study that includes courses from two or three areas. All of our students engage with the imaginative worlds that texts create—worlds created and shared by literary authors, analytical writers, responsive readers, and reflective thinkers.

One of our MA program’s central goals is to create a community of critical readers and writers. Our courses are taught as small seminars with approximately 15 participants, offering students the opportunity for ongoing interaction with each other and with faculty in a challenging yet friendly academic environment. Coursework prepares students to complete an original, self-defined, faculty-advised final project or thesis.

Another of our MA program's goals is to offer unique research and teaching opportunities. For example, through a partnership between the English Department and the Boston Public Library, we offer seminars in the Library’s Rare Books Room; students gain experience working with rare books and artifacts. Our teaching assistant program offers a carefully sequenced series of experiences that include tutoring undergraduates, working as an apprentice teacher, and joining a team that creates its own courses. We also offer opportunities for internships, research assistantships, and independent study.

Our MA program attracts a dynamic mix of students who bring a diversity of opinions and ideas to our lively classrooms. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds; while some apply directly from undergraduate or foreign colleges, others have been out of school for a number of years. Our students pursue a broad range of goals, including preparing for PhD study, developing talents as creative writers, honing professional writing skills, or seeking personal enrichment. Many are teachers or are planning to teach at the secondary or community college level.