Current Students

As you progress through the English MA program, you will want to make sure to structure your degree to realize your personal goals and aspirations.  Please discuss your English MA plans with your faculty advisor, your favorite seminar professors, and the Graduate Program Director.

In general, early in your career, you should take courses based on interest.  Simply put, follow your intellectual passions!  These passions will often lead to your final project and future career planning.  With the help of recommended “research clusters,” you can take sequenced courses that add depth to your studies.  Also make sure to take courses that broaden your horizons, exploring topics or forms of study that might not seem to immediately fall within your strengths.  As you get about half-way through your degree (your fifth/sixth course), you’ll want to start planning for your final exercise.  In the semester before you complete the final project, you will select a final project advisor and submit a final project proposal.  The final exercise is the culminating step in the program, allowing you to take "full control” of your education by defining a research topic, shaping the development of that topic, adding depth to your thinking, and creating an original piece of writing.

While you are here, get involved!  Make sure to attend our “Monthly Get Together" social hours.  Also, attend Info-sessions and Workshops on career planning and topics such as preparing coursework for publication.  Join Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honors Society) or our Literary Theory Reading Group.  Participate in our Annual Graduate Student Conference.  Take the Boston Public Library course and help curate a rare books exhibit.  Consider applying for a Teaching or Research Assistantship.

The information and webpage links below will provide information to help you structure your English MA degree.

Helpful pages on the UMass Boston website include:

Please make sure to contact us with any questions or concerns. New ideas for program development are always welcome!  Email or call to make an appointment to meet with the Graduate Program Director.