New Students

Welcome to UMass Boston! Congratulations on starting your English MA degree—this is the beginning of a new phase of rewarding intellectual, personal, and career growth. We are here to support you as you challenge yourself to explore and master new forms of reading, writing, and research. As you prepare to start your academic career at UMass Boston, you will want to make an appointment to talk with the English MA Graduate Program Director.

You will discuss and plan an exciting program of study that includes:

  • Engaging in “Graduate-student-only” Seminars:  As a first step in starting the program, you will select your seminar courses.  Our seminars are small (capped at 15 students), enroll only graduate students, and cover a diverse range of topics (over 32 English M.A. seminars a year).
  • Selecting an English Concentration:  You will start to work towards an English concentration.  We offer concentrations in literature, composition, or creative writing; you can also combine concentrations for intra-disciplinary study.  
  • Looking Forward to a Final Exercise:  You will look ahead to a self-defined final exercise, the culmination of your MA degree. Your final exercise allows you to conduct original research and writing under the guidance a faculty advisor.
  • Exploring Career Opportunities:  You can participate in mini-courses and info-sessions on teaching careers, writing careers, nonprofit careers, and PhD applications.  You can earn preliminary teaching licensure through a partnership with our College of Education.
  • Applying for a Graduate Assistantship:  Qualified students can apply for teaching or research assistantships that offer developmentally-sequenced, coursework-supported, and team-defined experiences.
  • Participating in Community-centered Activities:  You will join a community of mature students at a diverse urban university.  We also reach out to our Boston community, offering opportunities for volunteering.

The links below provide basic information on our program;  use these materials as a starting point for further thought, planning, and exploration. 

We want to help make your transition to UMass Boston as smooth as possible.  Please make sure to contact us with any ideas, questions, or concerns.  Email or call to make an appointment to meet with the English MA Graduate Program Director.