Teacher Licensure

Students in the English MA Program can obtain initial licensure in teaching middle school or secondary school English. Students seeking initial licensure earn their MA in English while also taking additional courses and completing the supervised teaching practicum through the university's College of Education and Human Development. An "English education" faculty advisor assists all English MA students undergoing teacher licensure with licensure requirements and course selection.

Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships

Students seeking admission to our English MA Program may also apply for graduate assistantships, which take the form of either teaching assistantships or research assistantships. See our English MA "Teaching and Research Assistantship" Sheet for a description of the assistantship program. Graduate assistantships are awarded and administered by the English MA Program, not by Graduate Admissions. Interested applicants must fill out a short 1st-Year Graduate Assistantship Application, available here and on our "Handbooks and Forms" page, and submit it directly to the English MA Program. Assistantships allow students to enter into our carefully-sequenced, experience-based, coursework-supported teacher and researcher training programs; students work in small cohorts under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Assistantships also offer support in the form of tuition and partial fee remission and a small stipend.

Assistantships are awarded after a student's application to the English MA Program has been reviewed and the student has been accepted into the program. As a result, applicants will hear of graduate assistantship support after hearing of acceptance into our Program. We offer funding to as many students as possible, but can offer only a limited number of assistantships to qualified applicants.

Rare Books Courses and Exhibitions

Each year, through a special partnership with the Boston Public Library, we offer courses that engage in rare books and manuscripts study. The courses are taught in the Boston Public Library Rare Books Room, allowing students to engage in hands-on work with priceless treasures and to put cutting-edge theories about the "history of the book" into practice. These courses have resulted in annual rare books exhibition, curated by our English MA students. See our News and Events page for exhibition posters. These exhibitions have included:

Final Exercises and Theses

Each year students complete final projects on a broad range of exciting topics. Students share their research at our annual "English MA Graduate Student Conference." Recent final projects have included:

Study Abroad

Our English MA Program is offering a new series of summer study abroad courses. In summer 2011, students travelled to London for a "Literary London" course.  In Summer 2012, a course on "Irish Literature, Theatre, and Culture"  featured study in Ireland. See the course listing here.  Our Program aims to offer courses that meet students' interests; these courses were developed with the help of student brainstorming at our "Monthly Get Together" gatherings.  Semester-long study abroad is arranged through our Office of Global Programs.

Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies Courses

UMass Boston is a member institution of the Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies housed at M.I.T. here. The consortium brings together students from nine Boston-area graduate schools, allowing for interdisciplinary study in Women's Studies. Our English MA students can take Consortium courses for full credit as part of their MA degree.