Funding and Assistantships

Financial support takes the form of administrative, research, or teaching assistantships. We have seen increases in funding over the past few years and hope to continue this trend.  We are currently able to provide at least partial assistantships to all our matriculating students. Our average administrative assistantship upon entering the program comes with partial tuition and fee waivers, as well as a stipend of $4,220.00, for typically a 4.5-hour work week, (the amount for an 0.25AAship). The stipend for those awarded teaching is $9,154.00.  A number of our students are able to secure additional assistantships through other departments and programs on campus. Visit the Bursar’s Office for complete information on fees and stipends.

Administrative Assistantships

Our administrative assistantships are a unique feature of the program. They provide rich and varied opportunities to gain experience in publishing, editing, and the teaching of writing at a number of exciting literary and community organizations in Boston. All .25 AA’s work a modest 4.5 hours a week over the semester for a total of 67.5 hours. Incoming students are automatically considered for administrative assistantships. Below are some of our recent opportunities.

Co-Editor at the Breakwater Review
The MFA program’s online journal is edited by graduate students and open to submission to all writers. Since Breakwater is run and staffed by UMass Boston MFAs, students have a large say in its continuing evolution. Multiple positions exist for both genres.

826 Boston
826 Boston is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Students provide writing support for 826 Boston’s programs. Among other things, this can take the form of working with field trips that visit Boston-area schools, after-school tutoring, or in-school support.

University of Massachusetts Press Editorial Intern
Founded in 1963, the University of Massachusetts Press supports and enhances the University's role as a major research institution. Today it has over 1000 titles in print and has sold over 2,000,000 volumes.  Interns work with the Boston-based editor in the fields of American Studies, environmental studies, and more.

CONSEQUENCE Magazine Editorial Intern
CONSEQUENCE Magazine was started by UMass Boston MFA alum George Kovach to take a closer look at the culture of war in America. It publishes fiction, poetry, photography, interviews, and non-fiction.

Hanging Loose Press Editorial Intern
Started in 1966, Hanging Loose has published 172 titles and 97 issues of Hanging Loose magazine. Hanging Loose stresses work by new writers and by older writers whose work deserves a larger audience. In 1968, the magazine introduced a feature which has become celebrated over the years, a regular section devoted to writing by talented high school writers. 

Teaching Assistantships

UMass Boston’s MFA Program provides some of the best teacher training in the country. After successfully completing course work and a teaching apprenticeship (a lower-level Teaching Assistantship) with an experienced faculty member, students may teach their own creative writing class by qualifying for a limited number of teaching assistantships. Teaching typically occurs in the third year.