Requirements MFA

M.F.A. Program Handbook (PDF)

The M.F.A. degree requires 48 credits, including:

Three 6-credit M.F.A. writing workshops. (18 cr)

One 6-credit craft course, M.F.A. Craft Workshop in Fiction or M.F.A. Craft Workshop in Poetry, as appropriate to the student’s specialization. (6 cr)

Three 3-credit seminars in literature. (9 cr)

Three 3-credit electives. (9 cr)

Two 3-credit Thesis workshops, culminating in a capstone M.F.A thesis of 48-64 pages of poetry, or 75-120 pages of fiction. The thesis will be written under the supervision of a thesis advisor, read by a thesis committee of at least three members, and subject to a public thesis defense. (6 cr)