Undergraduate Programs

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If you are passionate about the study of literature, film, graphic texts, new media writing, journalistic writing, or creative writing, the English major is the major for you!

Our English majors love to connect creativity to analysis, exploring the many texts that surround us--whether that "text" be a graphic novel, poem, webpage, play, film clip, or contemporary novel. These "texts" can include pieces of workplace writing, journalism, and even student writing that you analyze as a tutor. If you already have a major in another field, but love these areas of investigation, consider an English minor or a double major in English. ​If you want to pursue more focused study in Creative Writing, Professional Writing, or Irish Studies, you might want to do a concentration or minor in those fields.

Our hope is that you will take a course with us and be inspired to continue that study, experiencing all the ways in which English can enrich your studies at the university. We encourage students to learn about everything English has to offer by downloading our Undergraduate Handbook, which offers an in-depth guide to all of our curricular programs, as well as information about scholarships and special opportunities. For a quick overview of specific programs, please follow the links below and to the left.

Undergraduate Programs

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