English, BA (The English Major)

Connect your passions to in-demand job skills!

The study of English puts you in touch with works of power, beauty, and imagination—and empowers you to create those works yourself. The English major connects your passion for imaginative expression to some of today's most in-demand skills: analytical writing, critical interpretation, original inquiry and research, and the ability to discuss, debate, and develop complex ideas.

The Career Success of the English Major 

Our English majors experience great success in a wide variety of careers.  Listen to Ellen Sheehan, an English major who is now a vice president at eFront, a software company--she talks about the "confident self" she created at UMass Boston in this video:

And, listen to Thomas O'Malley and Douglas Graham, English majors who met in a Detective Fiction class and went on to write their own acclaimed mystery novel--they talk about their faculty mentors and the "intense vigor" of the major in this video:

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The Benefits of an English Major:

  • Our English major allows you to express your passion for reading, writing, studying literature, and engaging with visual, verbal, and digital texts.
  • Our English major connects you to professors in small discussion-based classes. You hone your reading, writing, and thinking skills by working side-by-side with your professors and fellow students.
  • Our English major allows you to add areas of concentration to your major. Most majors do a straightforward English major of 11 courses. If you are interested in adding focus to the major, you can concentrate in creative writing, professional writing, or Irish studiesor work toward teaching licensure as part of your English major.
  • Our English major offers numerous extracurriculars, ranging from our Sigma Tau Delta Honors Society to our Literary Theory Reading Group.   
  • Our English major offers internships as a capstone option.
  • Our English major prepares you for jobs, offering a one-credit mini-course on “English 457: Careers in English and Preparing for the Job Market”
  • You get connected to a dynamic department! The English department offers exciting events—such as guest speakers, creative writing readings, and our six-word story and Twitter poetry contests—that are free and open to the UMass Boston community.

Thinking about the majoring in English and want to know why English is THE major for the 21st century? 

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Looking for the requirements for the English major?

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Looking for specific information on the courses we offer each semester in order to plan your course registration?

To see full descriptions of each semester’s courses, we provide an English Department Course Description wiki page. This wiki page features detailed course descriptions written by faculty members for the upcoming semester:

Spring 2017 Course Booklet

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Each semester, we offer a series of advising weeks. During this period, faculty advisors offer a large number of advising appointments, allowing students to sign up for advising before registering for courses. The advising wiki is “open” for a few weeks each semester and is available at:

During the semester, feel free to contact your advisor and make an appointment or visit during his/her office hours. Your advisor is noted in your WISER account.

Looking for unique programs and special opportunities for English majors?

Looking for career advising and support? 

Visit our Careers page for an overview of some of our career opportunities. Consider taking our special one-credit course: “English 457: Careers in English and Preparing for the Job Market.” This mini-course helps you locate career options that draw on English skills, learn how to use Career Services' databases to find job opportunities, and write a successful résumé and cover letter.