Creative Writing Concentration/Minor

Are your favorite classes those that allow creative expression?  Do you dream of being a novelist, short story writer, essayist, or poet?  Consider a Concentration/Minor in Creative Writing!

Requirements for the Creative Writing Concentration/Minor

To view the requirements for the concentration in creative writing, please click here: Requirements for Creative Writing

Benefits of the Creative Writing Concentration/Minor:

The Creative Writing Concentration/Minor could be a great match for your artistic skills!  The Concentration/Minor is designed for students with special interests in writing poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama.  The benefits of the Concentration/Minor include:
•Focused coursework offering training in creative writing
•Opportunities for honors work in creative writing
•Dedicated advising from the Director of Creative Writing
•Recognition of this area of concentration on your UMass Boston transcript
The Creative Writing Concentration/Minor connects you to a creative writing community in which you can foster and develop your writing talents and skills.

Recognition of the Creative Writing Concentration/Minor:

The Concentration in Creative Writing allows English majors to add a focal area of interest in Creative Writing to their major.  The Minor in Creative Writing requires the same set of courses and is designed for students majoring in a field other than English.  All English courses in the Concentration may also count toward the English Major.  Successful completion of the Concentration or Minor is recorded on the student’s official university transcript. 

Admission to the Creative Writing Concentration/Minor:

The Concentration/Minor is selective.  Admission is by permission of the Director of Creative Writing and requires a meeting to plan the course of study required by the Creative Writing Concentration/Minor.

To view the requirements for the Concentration in Creative Writing, please click here:  Creative Writing  Fact Sheet

Co-Directors of Creative Writing:

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