Irish Studies (Concentration/Minor)

Are you fascinated by Irish culture—and the powerful role Ireland has played in the literary imagination, the historical development of England and America, and the cultural life of cities like Boston? Would you like to add an in-depth, interdisciplinary study of Irish literature, history, and society to your undergraduate studies? Consider a Concentration/Minor in Irish Studies!

Requirements for the Irish Studies Concentration/Minor

To view the requirements for the concentration in Irish studies, please click here: Requirements for Irish Studies Concentration

Benefits of the Irish Studies Concentration/Minor:

The Irish Studies Concentration/Minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide you with the opportunity to study Irish and Irish-American culture, primarily by experiencing the imaginative power of Irish literature. The benefits of the concentration/minor include:

Study Abroad and the Irish Studies Concentration/Minor:

A new aspect of the Irish Studies Concentration/Minor is a summer course that culminates with an 11-day trip to Ireland. Plans are to offer the course every other summer.  The summer 2012 “Irish Literature, Drama, and Culture” course featured travel to Dublin, Galway, and the Aran Islands, with trips to the Abbey Theater, the National Library, Joyce’s Tower, the Dublin Writers Museum, and iron age forts on Isis Mor! Readings included works by authors such as James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, J.M. Synge, Eavan Boland, and Ferdia Mac Anna.

Recognition of the Irish Studies Concentration/Minor:

The concentration in Irish studies allows English majors to add a focal area of interest in Irish Studies to their major. The minor in Irish studies requires the same set of courses and is designed for students majoring in a field other than English. All English courses in the concentration may also count toward the English major. Successful completion of the concentration or minor is recorded on the student’s official university transcript.  Non-matriculated students who complete the course sequence will be awarded a certificate, issued by the Department of English.

Admission to the Irish Studies Concentration/Minor:

Admission is by permission of the director of Irish studies. Admission requires a meeting with the director of Irish studies and developing a plan of study to fulfill the Irish studies requirements.

Director of Irish Studies:

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