Faculty & Staff

Abbey Eisenhower, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts


Areas of Expertise

Child Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychopathology, Early School Adjustment, Treatment Outcome Research


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information


Our research team shares interests in the early school experiences, family factors, and relationships of children who have developmental disabilities, disruptive behavior problems, and other developmental or behavioral risk factors. We are also focused on the early detection of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and reduction of health disparities.  Our team is focused on two primary projects.

First, The ABCD Early Screening Project is aimed at improving rates of early diagnosis and treatment access for young children with ASD. In particular, we are focused on reducing health disparities in access to diagnosis and treatment among children from English learner, racial or ethnic minority, or low-income families. By partnering with local Early Intervention (EI) agencies, we are examining whether a multi-stage, universal screening and assessment protocol for all E.I.-enrolled children ages 0-3 can reduce disparities in the rates and ages of autism diagnosis for young children and can increase access to high-quality, ASD-specific interventions for children from groups traditionally underserved by health care systems.

Second, the Smooth Sailing Study, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, is aimed at understanding the transition to school for children with ASD. This study is a two-site effort with Dr. Jan Blacher’s research team at the University of California Riverside.  The transition to formal schooling is a crucial milestone for all children, and children with ASD face particular socio-emotional and academic challenges. After recently completing a longitudinal study of the early school period for children with ASD, we next aim to develop a program to support prepare general education teachers in working effectively with their early elementary students with ASD.

Other lab studies, including the School Transitions Study (STS) and the Child & Family Development Project (CFDP), have focused on the early developmental, socio-emotional, and contextual experiences of infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children experiencing poverty.


Dr. Eisenhower teaches the following courses:

Psych 141G First-Year Seminar: Children's Social Worlds (undergraduate)

Psych 341: Infancy and Childhood (undergraduate)

Psych 484: Field Placement in Child Development (undergraduate)

Psych 613: Lifespan Developmental Psychopathology (graduate)

Psych 721: Child Therapy (graduate)