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Cinzia Solari, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts
  • Telephone: 617-287-6257
  • Fax: 617-287-6288
  • Office Location: Wheatley Hall, 4th floor, room 24A

Areas of Expertise

Gender and migration; transnationalism and nation-building; work and globalization; post-Soviet transformation; social theory; global ethnography


PhD, University of California, Berkeley

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Current Research

My current research focuses on the intersections of gender, nation, and migration. I am working on a book manuscript titled Exile vs. Exodus: Nationalism and Gendered Migration from Ukraine to Italy and California. In the case of post-Soviet Ukraine, processes of gendered economic transformation have led to the marginalization of middle-aged women, mostly grandmothers. They migrate to Italy and California, the largest and most politically significant receiving sites for post-Soviet migrants, where they provide cleaning and caring labor to the elderly. This cross national comparative approach reveals that sending sites, rarely given analytical weight in the literature, have significant affects in the production of migrant subjectitives and practices in the receiving site. By following these migration streams back to Ukraine, I discovered that these two emigration patterns form the basis of Ukraine’s nation-building process in the context of an economic transition from socialism to capitalism. In addition to 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork, this study also relies on 158 interviews conducted in Russian with migrant careworkers in Rome and San Francisco and with family members left behind in Lviv, Ukraine.