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Diane Paul, PhD

Emeritus and Retired Professor of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts


PhD Brandeis University

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Professor Paul's CV

Diane B. Paul retired from University of Massachusetts Boston at the end of 2003 having taught for 33 years in the Department of Political Science; she also taught in the Honors Program, the Public Policy PhD Program, and served as Director of the Program in Science, Technology, and Society. In 2001, she was the recipient of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Scholarship Award. Since retiring from UMass Boston, she has remained professionally active, teaching at UCLA and the University of Wisconsin – Madison and holding research positions at the University of British Columbia, the Program in Ethics and Health at Harvard Medical School, the Community Genetics section at the Vrige University Medical Center in Amsterdam, and the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Since 1987, she has also been a Research Associate in Population Genetics at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. Her research has principally focused on the histories of evolution and genetics, especially in relation to eugenics and the nature-nurture debate, and she has also published extensively on policy issues in contemporary prenatal and neonatal genetic testing. Her books include Controlling Human Heredity: 1865 to the Present (1995), The Politics of Heredity: Essays on Eugenics, Biomedicine, and the Nature-Nurture Debate (1998), and mostly recently (with Jeffrey P. Brosco, MD), The PKU Paradox: A Short History of a Genetic Disease (2013).  Other information is available at: http://www.dianebpaul.com.