Faculty & Staff

Erik Blaser, PhD

Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts


photo of Erik Blaser

Areas of Expertise

Visual psychophysics


PhD, University of California, Irvine

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Dr. Blaser studies human perception, specifically visual psychophysics. Some current studies focus on visual attention (how do you program your mental ‘autopilot’ for complicated visual tasks, such as driving?), depth and scale perception (might there be ‘clues’ to how big an object is, hidden in the texture on that object’s surface?), perceptual learning (when you learn a task, how should we characterize the underlying neural changes?), and cognitive development (which features - color, shape, size, texture - do infants rely on most for remembering and comparing ?).


Perception (Psych 355); Advanced Visual Perception (Psych 451); Introduction to Cognitive Science (Psych/CS L271).