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Frank Nisetich, PhD

Professor Emeritus, College of Liberal Arts
Professor Emeritus



PhD, Harvard University

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I graduated with Distinction in English and Classics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1965, received a Master’s Degree in Latin there in 1967 and a PhD in Classical Philology from Harvard University in 1973.  During the academic year 1970-71 I was a Frank Knox Memorial Fellow and studied at Oxford University under the supervision of Hugh Lloyd-Jones, Regius Professor of Greek.  Between 1971 and 2002 I taught in the Department of Classics at The University of Massachusetts in Boston, becoming a full professor in 1988 and taking early retirement in 2002.  I was Visiting Professor of Classics at Boston University from 2002 to 2007 and will be so again in the spring of 2012.  For five of the past six summers (including this one), I have taught Latin at UMass Boston.

I have been writing poetry all my life. Some of my longer poems have appeared in a number of journals and magazines. Most recently, 21 of my epigrams were published in Literary Imagination and another 24 in Classical and Modern Literature.  I am currently working on a collection of poems entitled In-Fidelities.