Faculty & Staff

Jessie M. Quintero Johnson, PhD

Associate Professor


Areas of Expertise

Health Communication, Mental Illness, Media Effects, Health Disparities


PhD, Communication, University of Illinois, 2011
MA, Communication, Washington State University, 2005
BA, Communication and Psychology, Whitworth University, 2003

Additional Information

Dr. Quintero Johnson an assistant professor of health communication at the University of Massachusetts Boston where her teaching and research efforts explore how both the design and interpretation of media messages influence public health. Dr. Quintero Johnson’s research has three goals: first, to assess the quality and characteristics of media messages in order to better understand how public discourse about health shapes public perception; the second goal is to explicate the psychological processes that influence how people attend to, make sense of, and respond to media messages about health; the third goal is to investigate how mediated health messages influence health beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. This line of inquiry involves an investigation of the unintended effects of exposure to media messages - especially how media perpetuate the stigma surrounding certain health topics - as well as the intentional use of persuasive media messages to ameliorate stigma and effect positive health change. Her research has been published in the Journal of Health Communication, Health Communication,  Communication Research Reports, Psychology and Marketing, Pediatrics, and other scholarly outlets. Dr. Quintero Johnson teaches a variety of courses related to media and health and enjoys mentoring and collaborating with students.