Faculty & Staff

Joseph M. Brown, PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts


photo of Joseph Brown

Areas of Expertise

International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Non-State Actors, Signaling, Research Methods


PhD, Columbia University, 2015
MA, Columbia University, 2009
MA, Brandeis University, 2008
BA, Wesleyan University, 2003

Additional Information

FALL 2017 Semester Office Hours:  Tu/Th 3:30pm-5:00pm


Personal website: http://www.josephmbrown.com

Twitter: @Joseph_M_Brown


Joseph Brown researches international and civil conflict, including rebellion, terrorism, and state repression. He also studies signaling and cooperation among conflict actors.


Professor Brown completed his PhD at Columbia University. His book project, The Bomber Who Calls Ahead, explains casualty aversion by insurgent and terrorist groups. It identifies features of militants' support bases, which cause groups to give pre-attack warnings and employ other tactics to spare civilians.


Professor Brown has conducted fieldwork in Sri Lanka, Peru, Spain, and Northern Ireland, interviewing members of the Irish Republican Army, ETA, the Tamil Tigers, Shining Path, and Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement. He also studies treaty negotiations. His article (co-authored with Johannes Urpelainen) recently appeared in the Journal of Conflict Resolution: “Picking Treaties, Picking Winners: International Treaty Negotiations and the Strategic Mobilization of Domestic Interests.” Journal of Conflict Resolution. September 2015 59: 1043-1073.