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Leslie K. Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts


photo of Leslie Wang

Areas of Expertise

Gender; Family; Globalization/Transnationalism; Qualitative Methods; Asia/Asian America


PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Professional Publications & Contributions

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Current Research:

Leslie Wang's research centers on issues of gender, family, and migration that connect Mainland China with the global north. Her book Outsourced Children: Orphanage Care and Adoption in Globalizing China was recently published by Stanford University Press. The book examines the movement of certain children — primarily girls and special needs youth — between families, institutions, and nations, within the context of China’s rapid global economic rise. Drawing from a year and a half of ethnographic fieldwork with two international humanitarian organizations, it is the first systematic study of daily life in Chinese state-run orphanages. Currently, Dr. Wang is studying aspects of return migration to China, including the experiences of second-generation Chinese American professionals working in China and the issue of “satellite babies,” or infants who are born in the United States but sent back to China to be cared for by grandparents until they are ready to attend school.