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Mitchell Silver, PhD

Senior Lecturer


photo of Mitchell  Silver

Areas of Expertise

Social and political philosophy, philosophy of religion, ethical theory of health care ethics


PhD, University of Connecticut, 1980

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

I have taught philosophy at UMass Boston since 1982. I have also been the Educational Director of the I.L. Peretz School of the Brookline Workmen’s Circle since 1992 and the Cultural Director of Camp Kinderland since 1989. I am the author of A Plausible God (Fordham University Press, 2006), Respecting the Wicked Child: A Philosophy of Secular Jewish Identity and Education, (University of Massachusetts Press, 1998) and have published in the Journal of Applied Philosophy, American Journal of Nursing, Bioethics, Judaism, Leonardo, and Contemplate. I have been, and remain, a frequent contributor to Jewish Currents. Chapters authored by me appear in Defending Diversity (UMass Press, 1994) and A Life of Courage (IISHJ, Milan Press, 2003). I write and speak frequently on health care ethics, Jewish secularism, and Middle East politics. I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the American Philosophical Association.


Idea of God
19th Century Philosophy
Social and Political philosophy


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